Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Prayers for Our Little Girl

As I wait for you my faith claims the promises given to me from our awesome God above.

Right now I am not yet holding you in my arms, but I am holding you ever so tightly in my heart.

On this Christmas Eve I crave to know your little face and how it would feel to hold you in my arms and rock you to sleep this very night…
And to know which toy would be your favorite and which of the cookies would you eat to your heart’s delight?
To know if Santa seemed friendly or would he be a scary sight…?
And to see your eyes light up as we shared the Christmas Story sitting by the firelight.

I envision your little face halfway around the world and I allow myself to think…
Did you have the chance to giggle tonight…to play….or cuddle warmly as you fell asleep?
Or….was there no giggling… instead did you feel lonely… trying desperately to feel some warmth and slip into sleep tonight?

But that is not the thought on which I will allow myself to remain
Because I know God’s faithfulness…His love will reign..
And that is where I put my faith…my hopes…my dreams.

On this day we celebrate the birth of our Lord
And He so gently etches deep upon my heart the love He has for us.
It’s a time to celebrate that love
And share it with all those around us and count our blessings one by one.

And, oh, that Love is so amazing and filled with promises…
Promises of joy, and peace, and freedom, and redemption…
And adoption.

So, I cling to those promises and I cling to what I know He can do.
He can take the sadness and replace it with joy.
He can take the lonely away and make a loving family.
And He can bring an overwhelming sense of peace and love that will change that cold to warmth.

If only you could hear my prayer across the world….
You would know my prayer is
for you to know
And for you to feel
The love from God...this great love that can cover it all.

I pray His love is wrapping around you warm and tight
And bringing joy to your heart even when the world is offering none.

I pray that you feel my love even now….even though you don’t know me.
But I believe He is already teaching you about me….
Because long ago He created a special little place in my heart for you, my little one,
A place that makes my heart ache because it longs to hold you tight.
It’s a place in my heart God created with your fingerprints etched all over it
And someday, you and only you, will be able to lay claim to that space.

So my sweet child, while I wait for you, I will claim His promises of love, comfort, and protection from all that may come your way.

And then that day will come!
That day will come when the arms of our Savior,
The very same arms that have been holding you tight,
Will reach out, bring us together, and allow me to hold you so very tight.

I see that day coming…and oh how hard it is to wait,
But, sweet child, when He brings us together
His perfect plan will finally be complete!!
The waiting will be over and then we can begin the next stretch of the journey together…

Forever….as a family.

Merry Christmas, my sweet Selah.

With all my love,