Saturday, January 15, 2011

What to Say.....

I know that I am very inconsistent with posting....but at least you can assume that when I am quiet, I am struggling. I wish wish wish wish I had great news, but I don't. We are still waiting for a court date.

I struggle with being transparent, but also with never wanting to turn anyone away from a calling to adopt. So, I sometimes get quiet because I can't find the positive to say.

I often like to listen to and read books written by Joyce Meyer. Her matter-of-fact way of speaking in such a down to earth way is so easily applicable to our lives (which is why the Amplified version of the Bible with commentary by her is called  the "Everyday Life Bible"). One of her quotes I like is:

"I have discovered that patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting."

Isn't it soooooo true?  We can all be forced to wait. God is in control and there is not a thing we can do about it! But, how we do the wait? If we can do it with a good attitude, we have come so much closer to what patience really is!

For me, though, it is the struggle between the two. I want to be real and be who I really am. But I also want to do it with grace, and the truth of the matter is that I try really hard, but that patience is a day-by-day (actually minute-by-minute) struggle.
I know I have said it before, but this wait is BRUTAL. But, no matter how brutal it may be, I know that the treasure waiting for us on the other side of the world is so worth it! There is nothing I wouldn't do for her.

God's Word tells us that pure religion is to care for widows and orphans. Sadly, the number of orphans in our world is so large that it makes my heart ache and my stomach churn. If God puts adoption on your heart...if He calls you to be one to walk the journey of adoption, do not fear the "brutal". He will be there in the pit with you and, besides that, there just is no escaping the call He puts on your heart and out of that obedience will come a treasure like no other.

Today I read a friend's post on her blog and my heart just hurt for all that she is feeling. Wanting to encourage her, I was in search of scripture and, with His usual amazing way of working things out, God led me to a verse that I pray encouraged her, but it really helped me, as well! So, to all the waiting Mommy and Daddy's out there that feel as though it may never happen, as though the day will never come that your little one is safely home and the despair is kind of overwhelming right now, I pray this verse encourages you today.

"We are pressed on every side by troubles,
but we are not crushed.
We are perplexed,
but not driven to despair."
2 Corinthians 4:8


  1. I have been thinking about you and wondering what is taking so long. Typically, about a month after they receive your file, you are given a court date, correct? How long have you waited?

    Your blog post touched my heart. Thank you! I, too, have not posted much. I do struggle daily and feel as though this dream of having a daughter and giving a precious child a forever family, may never happen. It is still the "dream" that I have had had as long as I can remember. I will hope and pray that SOON you will get that email or phone call that you are waiting for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love, Debby

  2. Thanks Lori, I do find that verse helpful. Have you contacted your agency to see what is taking so long?

  3. Lori - I have been reading your blog. I know that wait is hard! We are in Bulgaria right now with our new son. It was 5.5 months from our first visit until we picked him up. It was frustrating seeing families that traveled after us picking up their kids before we even had a court date, but once that time comes, it really won't seem that long after all. Good luck to you while you wait....believe me it is all worth it in the end!

  4. Our agencies policy was not to give out the court date so that may be the case with yours. We just got the "Great news" email. We are waiting to travel which seems to be taking forever and aleady we have passed the 6 weeks after the court. During the whole process it seems there is always a feeling of waiting.