Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thoughts About My Special Treasures

I'm so excited about my new blog design! Tenille at The Cutest Blog on the Block designed it for me. I tried and tried...but am hopeless, but so VERY thankful for those with special gifts and talents like Tenille! I smile so big each time I open up my page and see our family complete! A special reminder of God's awesome goodness!

God seems to always be using each of my children to speak to me in different ways. Through Selah He teaches me all about His timing and His power of healing in life...and about miracles. Through Landon, He teaches me about how He places hearts with a never ending capacity to love and protect no matter how rough, tough, or messy a little boy may be…and He teaches me about surrendering to the mess. (I am SUCH a work in progress in that area). Finally, through Zachary, He teaches me about how He designs our hearts and minds to be specifically ours. He has shown me what grace looks like when we have had a bad parenting moment and He has given me insight to a heart that moves with wild abandonment when convicted with a passion. Through all of my children He is daily giving me glimpses and whispers into what His love, grace, comfort, and passion looks like. Each of my sweet babies gives me the gift of knowing God more and more each day.

With that said, I just have had to share this special little Zachary moment! That  kiddo always seems to manage to catch me off guard! He so often can carry on like a wild child, wrestling with his little brother and making impulsive choices that get him into trouble, and then he does something so amazingly sensitive it makes me want to cry!  One night, before bed, (or actually when he was supposed to be asleep!) Zach felt moved to write each of his family members a note. He left one for Daddy on his pillow alongside one for me on my pillow. It simply told us how much he loved us and thought we were the best parents ever. Simple and sweet. For his brother, who was already sound asleep, he left a note AND two small coveted Lego creatures. Landons’ note was a little more detailed. He told his brother that he thought he was the best brother ever and that he knew they would be best friends forever! And finally, for Selah, he left his prized bunny (the very one he won all by himself playing the claw game) and a precious letter that so touched my heart! That night, I had been exhausted and not feeling a lot of peace or joy in my day…but the love of God that was demonstrated in my sweet boy's actions made me go to sleep without a doubt about the presence of God in each and every day. The exhaustion sometimes causes me to not feel Him, but on that particular night, He used my son to show me just how much He was right there in the midst of it all and lovingly creating beauty out of my chaos!


But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.” Matthew 19:14

Blessings and smiles,

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  1. I love the new blog! Your kids are wonderful (just like their parents)! I'm looking forward to spending quality time with you!