Friday, January 10, 2014

A New Day Has Come

So, this writing thing. It’s been with me forever. It was a “thing” from the time I started my first diary at age seven (locked, I might add and full of deep stuff!) to where I find myself now with a passion to share the love of Christ through my experiences and writing now at age…well…let’s just say older than I wish! It’s been years of enjoying the opportunity to write in journals, papers, blogs, Church articles, and newsletters. By labeling it a hobby, I have been very successful at keeping it well under control. No need to feel pressure or insecurity when, after all, it was just a hobby! It really was bravery when I stepped a little out of the comfort zone and began this blog! However, my safety net in this scenario was that I was simply telling our family story in order to have a written documentation someday for our children. But God. He always kicks me out of complacency. He’s placed this dream in my heart to do more. It’s not just a story anymore. I can’t find peace until I stick my neck out there and write about the other things He has put on my heart.

I’m leaving the comfort of telling our adoption story. I’m expanding. And I’m moving. I’m beginning a blog called “Searching the Moments for Grace, Hope, and Redemption.”  It can be found at  My desire is to write without the filters needed when keeping my subject matter mostly to our adoption story. I consistently found myself stuck and frustrated because I would so desperately want to not only respect my daughter’s privacy, but to never give her cause to believe she is anything but treasured and loved by her family. When delving into the subject matter of emotional issues, it is truly an area where the wrong words could accidently be used and have long term effects. Effects of which I would never want to be the cause. The Message version of Proverbs 18:21 says it well, and definitely to the point!

“Words kill, words give life;
    they’re either poison or fruit—you choose.

I will still make references to Selah because her story is part of all that God has been teaching me. He has made me a different mama today. A mama with more courage, more strength of mind, heart, and character….A mama who is learning to love and embrace a life that looks nothing like that which  I’d ever imagined.

I’d love to have you venture over there once in a while! I pray God will give me something to bless you with!

So for now, a new day has come. I’m sticking my neck out there (and my heart) and calling myself… a writer. 

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