Friday, March 4, 2011

A Huge Thank You!

I wanted to send out a great big "Thank You" to everyone who has so lovingly supported us in thoughts and prayers throughout this journey. We have learned soooooooo many things along the way and God has used the last couple of years to teach us so many very important things about Him...about life on this side of the cross...and about who He wants us to become. One of those "things" He has taught us, is a whole new appreciation for the kindness of others. So, thank you...thank you...thank you for sharing your hearts with us, for encouraging us when the disappointments were huge, and for celebrating with us when the news was great!

In light of wanting to show my gratitude, I had a little idea. I recently read a book that I absolutely loved. I loved it simply for the love. The book is titled Reckless Faith by Beth Guckenberger. The love and passion that fuels Beth's heart moved me deeply. The story is about the call on her life to care for care for the least of these. Her obedience to God is amazing and the love she has for the children is clearly just as amazing.(Check out Back2Back Ministries) So, since the book is so filled with love and's kind of my way to share a little bit of love and kindness with you! I wish I could get one for everyone, but since I can't, I bought four of them and would love to give them away! I will send a copy to the first four people that post a comment. After you post, I will list the first four names in my next post, and those people can then email me with their address. You can email me directly from my blog profile!

There is no new news regarding Selah or our travel dates. I am just busy nesting and getting as much ready as I can while praying it will be super soon!!!

Thanks again to everyone and all your love, support, and prayers! God has used y'all to help to move some big 'ol mountains for us!!!!

My favorite photo...when she took her daddy's hand, she took his heart right with it.

Blessings and smiles,


  1. I guess this comment could bring me a chance to get a great book...but the real reason I am commenting is to thank you for your support!Even since getting M. home, I have felt it even more. There definitely will always be a connection for us and our children. They may not "feel" Bulgarian in years to come, but we will all remember what we went through to get each and every one of them and we will hold Bulgaria in our hearts for them. Love Selah in that photo also...those eyes. Precious!

  2. And I wanted to thank YOU for YOUR inspiration along the rough and rocky road of your adoption journey as you shared your love with Selah, you shared it with us all. Thank you for your faith example!

    ~Maire (One who has seen the valleys and peaks during our adoption journey as well!)

  3. I'd like a copy of the book, too, to read while we are being tested with our own set of major delays and uncertainties and then to pass it on in a fundraiser for our son's orphanage which we will be holding in April.

    Selah will be home soon, right in time to enjoy spring and summer with her new family.

  4. Cannot wait until the moment you are reunited with your Selah!

    Thank YOU for following our journey and being such an inspiration!!!!!!!!!!


  5. What a beauty she is! Just paying it forward!!

  6. Guess I missed the giveaway, but wanted to say I am so excited that you are closer to bringing Selah home. Can;t wait for Gotta Day