Monday, August 30, 2010

Fallen Head Over Heels

Where do I start…so many emotions…so much to say. Today was incredible. God was so present and so good…He melted our hearts even more than they were before and all the prayers over the last few weeks asking Him to prepare her heart to know us and feel our love, were answered. She responded so well to us! At first Selah was nervous and we could see she wasn’t quite sure, but within a few minutes she warmed up and within a half hour she was giving hugs and plopping sweet kisses on our cheeks! She already knows that Daddy is the fun one and was giggling herself to death with him! It was so precious!

I heard her voice before I saw her and I immediately knew it was hers from the videos I have watched a million times over. That was all it took to start the tears from falling…which was good because it gave me time to get it together before she actually came to the room in which we were waiting for her! Her caretaker took her upstairs and dressed her in a cute little dress to meet her “visitors”. Then in walked our little princess! She was exactly as I envisioned…our Selah..our gift from God.

We played for about an hour in the room and then she had to leave to go eat lunch. She was hungry! She bolted for lunch, but not without giving us our hugs and kisses goodbye! She loved her little baby doll and kitty from Zachary and Landon and she absolutely LOVES Teddy Grahams and this little princess candy bracelet we brought her!!! She fits right in as a Schumaker! She will definitely be able to hold her own at the dessert table!

At 4:30 we were allowed to visit again and this time we spent a couple of hours inside and then outside on the playground. She really started showing us the love at this point! She was so happy and full of giggles! At the end of this visit, she wasn’t ready to leave for dinner…even being hungry wasn’t enough to want to walk away from us. She would only leave after we promised her that we would be back in the morning…and then we got some more of her precious little hugs and kisses and a good-bye. Then as she walked out the door, she turned and blew me a kiss. Talk about an incredible moment....I’m gone…soooooo totally fallen…and Bryan? Well the tough guy who says he lives in a cave to stay the ever solid rock…well, he’s definitely gone too! He is wearing his heart right on his sleeve and his eyes show the same love I see when I watch him with our boys. This little girl may not be ours to bring home yet…she may not be ours on paper yet…but she is ours in every other sense of the word. We love her so very very much….love at first sight. Thank You, Jesus!

If only Zach and Landon were here to share all this with us. We miss them so much, but we know they are doing just great and having a wonderful time with family and friends! Mommy and Daddy miss you guys, though!!! We love you sooooo much and can’t wait to tell you more about your sister!!!

Later I’ll have to tell you about the food here…yummmmmm is all I have time for at the moment, though!!

Behind these fences is home right now to our little princess.

In this picture you can see a bit of the orphanage

Selah and Bryan pushing the cuddly kitten Zach bought for her on her favorite swing.
Someday I will be able to post her beautiful little face on this blog...but for now I have to wait
until she is legally ours.

A picture in the small village where Selah lives.

Please keep praying for our little girl and that she continues to bond with us, that she somehow will understand when we leave that it  is not by our choice and that we will be back just as soon as we are given permission, and that our sweet Zach and Landon continue to filled with peace as we are gone, aaaannnddd that the Nolans will find at least a moment's rest between their 3 kids and our 2 and being my internet when I don't have it!! :-)

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart..." - Proverbs 3:5 (a dear friend just reminded me of that verse - Thank you, Leanne!)


  1. Lori and Bryan: I have so excited for you both. and your little girl sounds absolutely adorable. I can hardly wait to me her. Many prayers for you and for her and of course for the boys and the Nolans. I have no doubt Col has it all under control. We are loving you bunches from all the way over here. Miss U and I must say....lots of happy tears for you today. I can feel Gods hands on you and His presence completely engaged in Selah's new life. Enjoy her my friends...Love to you.

  2. Joining in on the happy tears... crying my eyes out trying to read your post to Bill.
    We are so thankful to God for the way He brings a child into a family from across the world... and you know, beyond any doubt, that she was meant to be a Schumaker all along.
    Our God is Awesome.
    Loving you both.

  3. Wonderful!:) So excited for your family and little Selah! Can't wait to hear more about your journey. Continuing to pray for a blessed week of visits.

  4. Yay- I am over the moon everything went as you described. I've been checking your blog like a maniac yesterday not sure what the silence meant. My heart is full that Selah has finally met the parents she is meant to have. Such a journey but very thankful my prayers have been answered. Your description of meeting each other confirms how right this is. Congratulations on your newest family member.

  5. Jennifer, Thank you so much! Your thoughts and prayers for us mean more than I can even describe...Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  6. Lori, so happy that things are going well. How old is Selah? The food sounds delicious. Cant wait to read more updates.

  7. Hi Celeste! Thanks for the well wishes! Selah is 4 years old. I am praying that someday SOON you will be here as well!