Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm FINALLY Back....With Amazing News!

I know it has been six months since my last post. It is really quite embarrassing...but after our heartbreak in January, this blog just seemed to represent the loss of her and I just COULDN'T make myself write. It's quite funny, though....because I have been writing, but just saving the docs in my computer files!

But, the last few months have been amazing and have lead me through quite a desert where I have grown closer to God...and now? Now, Praise God, I have entered the Promised Land!!!!! (Well, with a few more battles to get through, but God's Promises are good!)

So......here is the AMAZING news!!!!!! Are you ready? The little girl our hearts fell so desperately in love with in January will now be ours!!! Yup! Can you believe it? We have received our referral for her and we are going to be given the blessing of calling her our daughter!

How did it fall through in January and now in August we have a referral? Oh my stars it is a looooong story, but I'm going to make a couple of posts to show you how amazing God is and how He continues to work miracles today...and that His plans are amazing! (I'm at a loss for a word other than ...AMAZING!)


  1. Lori,

    Wow, what wonderful and surprising news! Please do let us know soon how this little girl's story worked its way back to you and your family after so many months. I am ready to be amazed.

  2. I am also ready to hear your story! I am so happy for your family! You are right...He is amazing!!!

  3. Amazing news!!!! I can not wait to hear more

  4. Ok, now you've got me. Can't wait to read your story. So happy for you. God is Good all the time. You are gonna love Bulgaria--especially because you will find a piece of your heart there!