Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One More Week of Believing in Faith…

My dear friend, Col, was here with me today when we received the telephone call. She has shared in this journey even before ours began. The adoption of her little girl moved not only mine, but my husbands heart to a place of hearing God's call on our lives to adopt. She is guest blogging for me today because she knows my brain is too scattered to pull things together for a while yet and I just knew she would be able to convey our hearts without skipping a beat!

Today’s call was not exactly the call Lori and Bryan were hoping for… but they are fixing their eyes of faith on the light at the end of this tunnel. The judge in Bulgaria committed to approve Selah’s adoption on Monday. Yes, six more days of waiting in hope and trusting in God’s faithfulness until she is officially Selah Schumaker.

One highlight of the call is that the Monday after that (2/28), her birth certificate will be issued, which is an exciting change from what they had been told before. Birth certificate wait time used to be two to three weeks. Travel should be scheduled one to two weeks from February 28th.

As a friend who has traveled the adoption journey, I simply cannot imagine the ache that Lori and Bryan and their boys have walked… wanting their little girl home so desperately and yet living the challenge of a system that at times seems set against this princess’s new life in her forever family. Surely, many of you have struggled like the Schumakers when God’s timing just does not seem to make sense at all. We believe with all that we are the Truth found in His Word that says His ways are higher, yet everything inside us sometimes cries out for things to move along!

I think about a verse in Job. It’s 23:10. Check it out. After countless struggles and so much frustration, Job says, “But, He knows the way I take; and when He has tested me, I will come forth as gold.” Bryan and Lori have had an adoption journey like no other. They have been tested and tried, and tested again. And each of us who loves them has been challenged by their unyielding faith and humbled by their relentless pursuit of a little girl who sits today in an orphanage in Bulgaria. I look at them, and I see gold. Pure gold. They are a living testimony of God’s love… it never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.

So, today we stand again with the Schumakers. We pray and cry out for the next six days. We believe with them that in six days a little girl’s name will be changed. And not just her name, but her destiny. We long for the moment when we can rejoice together that our girl is coming home to be loved and treasured by so many of us.

And we will give our God, who makes all things right, and who’s timing is perfect, all the glory.



  1. I find it utterly impossible to understand the motivations behind this judge's decisions. You and Selah will be in my thoughts until Monday when I hope to read wonderful news and words of joy here.

  2. Oh Lori....totally insane!!! Praying sweet friend!! For the mountains to fall and for HIS Glory to be revealed!!!

  3. Lori, so sorry for the pain of more waiting. I know Job 23:10 very well...it is written on my bedroom wall. What a blessing that would be to have the birth certificate ready that quickly. That would really mean no more "lost time." It's never really lost time on God's calendar...It's just His time. Keep the Faith. You can do this!

  4. Lori,

    I thought about you today, so sorry to hear of yet another hurdle! Just think 6 more days until she will be part of your family. Hang in there.

  5. Lori, I am so sorry to hear that you must wait another week. I had been thinking about you yesterday and checking your blog for any updates. As you mentioned to me in your very sweet and thoughtful email, the waiting can be brutal. It can, and it is. However, I know that God has called you to receive this child into your family, and you have. She is already yours. Every day and every hour brings you closer to bringing her home and what God has had planned for you and your family for a long time. You will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers throughout this next week.

  6. I am an emotional nutcase right now, this made me cry. I am so frustrated for you friend. Know that many of us are coming before the throne of God in petition for your family. Once she is home this will be a distant memory, hang in there, you are almost there.

  7. Did the judge hold true to her committment and decree Selah's adoption yesterday? Waiting for good news from you!